Harrold was the herrald, I mean herald, of Galactapus, hired after Galactapus' being forced to sign a pact forbidding him to eat the Earth. Galactapus sent Harrold to the Earth in his cosmic-powered pogo stick to steal all the chocolate cookies there, which Harrold did. At that point, Galactapus' implication was unknown, but some people was worried about the "Cookiee Crook."[1]

Later, two recently-empowered superbeings, Clunk and Dagnabbit, obtained the ability to create chocolate. Other superbeings, the Bower Brats, assumed that the Cookiee Crook would target them, so they gave them a homing device and used them as a bait. Harrold returned to Earth, kidnapped Clunk and Dagnabbit and took them to Galactapus in a far away planet. However, this time, the Bower Brats tracked Harrold and found his boss. They managed to deal with Galactapus and convinced him to eat the Snarfs, who were invading the Earth, instead.[1]


Harrold can breathe in the vacuum either because of a power or of a device, or maybe in Earth-9047 everybody can because it's funny.[1]




Cosmic-powered pogo stick that allowed him to hop from outer space to the surface of Earth and vice versa, even with the weight of two passengers and one doll.[1]

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