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In the late 1950's, New York citizen Harris Moore was irradiated by a mysterious gaseous entity resembling a tiny comet, which granted him superhuman powers. Adopting the identity of the Comet, Moore fought crime until retiring to raise his family. Later, he was recruited by the Nova Corps leader to help the planet Xandar in their war against the Skrulls, and he became one of the Champions of Xandar. After his son, Frank "Crimebuster" Moore was murdered by the Skrulls when he stumbled onto their collusion with Diamondhead.

He is presumed to have died in battling the forces of the world-conquering Nebula.


Had the ability to fly and to control and project electrical energy. His body was adapted to resist the stresses of high-speed flight.

Strength level

Normal level for a man of his age, height and build.

Nova Vol 1 23 establishes that in addition to his son Frank, Harris also had an unnamed daughter who was killed in the explosion that killed his wife Helen.

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