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When Spiders Man attempted to use his illusion casting powers on Peter Parker, the stunt backfired. Instead of creating illusions to taunt Parker, Peter somehow took control of the illusion. In it, Peter create a fantasy world where he had an ideal life. In this world, among other things, Gwen Stacy never died and she eventually married Peter Parker. This fantasy world also had it that George Stacy did not die and he would eventually arrest Norman Osborn. Without the tragedies set in motion by the deaths of Norman Osborn, and George and Gwen Stacy, Harry never became the Green Goblin himself. This illusion of Harry would go on and marry Mary Jane Watson. Peter's real life daughter May Parker infiltrated this reality trying to free her father from what she thought to be torture created by Spiders Man. She realized the truth, and upon convincing her father to give up the illusion Harry ceased to exist.


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