An Ultra of unknown origin, Hardwire operated as an assassin for hire. He was commissioned on behalf of Rex Mundi to eliminate Hardcase. Hardwire surprised Hardcase at first, since his wires were one of the few substances capable of penetrating Hardcase's skin. Despite his initial injuries, however, Hardcase rallied and defeated Hardwire, turning him over to the authorities.[1]

Hardwire was imprisoned by Aladdin, the Ultra investigation agency in the U.S. government. When Hardcase and his lover Choice began looking into Aladdin's role in Choice's origins, Aladdin took drastic steps to prevent the investigation. They added prisoners Hardwire and Headknocker to their existing Ultra strike team to stop Hardcase and Choice from penetrating their facility.[2]


Able to extend wires of an unknown matter from his fingers that are approximately one or two molecules in width but able to restrain even super-strong individuals.

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