The Hardliners were based in a facility in Northern Ontario. They had a training course built around a facade of a small town with automated weapon pits. The weapon pits included a variety of offensive items including: robotic "lizard-men," energy weapons, gaseous weapons, flying rocks, amoeba-like weapons, and more. The course was controlled from an underground bunker some distance away.[1]

After their defeat at the hands of Alpha Flight[2], the Hardliners were imprisoned. After being released on a technicality[3], they captured Albert Louis and held him hostage under the condition that Alpha Flight battle them at their training range.[4]

Once there, Reginald Tork (the Hardliners' leader) forced Alpha Flight to go through the course to rescue Louis. After Alpha Flight was weakened by the course, the Hardliners moved in and attacked. Tork, who had controlled the course, left to join the fight but was knocked unconscious by Puck. The Hardliners were soon defeated and their equipment taken into custody by Department H.[5]


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