Volume One: "Everything Went White"

NewUniversal Latvian Starbrand Tomb

Leonard and Hannah park their SUV and start to head over to the dig site talking about The White Event and ancient history when someone calls them to the now exposed tomb. Jim Braddock and his team open the coffin to reveal the coffin of Starr the Slayer with a Star Brand on his forehead.[1]

Hannah and Leonard talk about the discovery of the skeleton. Leonard is convinced that they have unearthed Zardath, The First City, but Hannah is skeptical. Jim comes in with an arc lamp and Hannah says that her father has something similar. Len is now convinced that they have found the city as it was decribed as The Shining City. Jim then informs him that they got a Geiger counter reading off the bottom of the trench which stuns Len.[2]


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