Quote1 I don't want to eat insect. I'm not the Lizard Lady anymore. Quote2
-- Hanna Levy src

Hanna Levy was a resident of Mutant Town, living in McCarthy Avenue, and the neighbor and friend of Mister M. She has a degree in social history and works for the North American Historical Review, a highly regarded journal.[2] Her mutation was a prehensile tongue which helped her catch insects, the only thing she could digest.[3]

Her friendship with Mr. M was strained after he told her his plans for Mutant Town: after seeing a premonitional painting of himself as a destroyer, he decided that the only way he could make a difference in Mutant Town was to obliterate all the sickness and corruption. He attempted to destroy the town but failed, distancing himself from Hanna.

Hannah Levy (Earth-616)

"Assaulted" by bugs


After M-Day, Mutant Town was in chaos. Bishop and Ortega tried to estimate the damage. Along with Charlotte Jones, Bishop was sent to her flat as there was a report of gunshots.

There, they found Hannah being attacked by a swarm of bugs. She used to eat bugs as a part of her mutant power, and she believed that they were coming back for revenge. This caused her to become mentally unstable.[3]

They brought her to the Bellevue Hospital, where she was visited by Mr. M who used his powers to restore her mental state. She then suggested that he go to the Xavier Institute, which he agreed to.[1]





  • As a mutant, she had an insect-restricted metabolism: As part of her mutation, her body was only fit to eat insects.[3]
  • Consequently to the M-Day, she developed insanity, believing that the insects she stored were trying to eat her in retaliation,[3] and that the hospital staff was hiding insects in her food, but was cured by Mr. M.[1]


A gun.

  • Although she was stated to be able only to metabolize insects, according to [3] she was seen toasting bread, and stated she was baking a pie.[2]
  • Her eyes were depicted as green until her last appearance where she was blue-eyed, in X-Men: The 198 #1. It is unknown if it's an artist error or a later change of her appearance consequently to her depoweration.

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