Hammerhead, when down through the birth canal, accidentally killed his mother, and from his birth, began murdering people.

Hammerhead (Deadpool Max) death

Hammerhead dead.

He is now head of a gang, and are wondering Deadpool dead, he is head of Bruno, who works as head of security. Hammerhead is killed by a knife thrown by Deadpool.


Hammerhead's skull is made of secondary adamantium, your head force is enough to crush the head of another person, as he did with Bruno.

However, his head can also be wound, as when Deadpool threw a knife also made ​​adamatium in his head. Seemingly those of Hammerhead (Joseph) (Earth-616)#Powers.


Criminal organization, hand-to-hand combat


He uses his own head as defense equipment.


Tommy guns, machine guns, other heavy weaponry - sometimes uses "stun" bullets.


Bruno (Earth-TRN133)


Bruno was the henchman of Hammerhead, he was killed by Hammerhead because he betrayed him, sending the C.I.A to spy on them.[1]

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