Shortly after the murder of her father by Doctor Octopus, Gwen Stacy's relationship with her boyfriend, Peter Parker was troubled due to his support of Spider-Man - who she believed was the one who had killed her father. Miserable and troubled, Gwen's future was changed when an alternate universe incarnation of herself dropped from a portal in the sky and landed in front of her - resulting in a divergent timeline relative to the Prime Marvel Universe.[2]

Initially confused and worried that the new short-haired Gwen was a clone, Gwen-617 learned that her angsty short-haired counterpart was a superhero from another dimension, but before she could get more information out of her Gwen-65 stormed off in a rage. Later, Gwen-617 turned down a date offer from Peter - remarking to Gwen-65 that she could tell he was hiding something from her. When Gwen-65 confronted her over not telling her that her father had been murdered, Gwen learned that the source of Gwen-65's rage - amplified by an amorphous symbiotic entity that had bonded to her - was due to her father having been put in a coma by her archenemy, Matt Murdock. Gwen-617 helped Gwen-65 come to the epiphany that she should treasure that she's still able to spend time with her father, coming to terms with her own loss in the process.[3]

Using her scientific knowledge and the Empire State University's supercomputer, Gwen located a weak-spot in the boundaries between realities; asking Tony Stark and Ant-Man for a second opinion. Gwen-617 and Gwen-65 traveled to the top of the George Washington Bridge, where after sharing some words of farewell, Gwen watched Gwen-65 leap off and return to her timeline.[1]

Inspired by Gwen-65, Gwen-617 became a detective and later bonded to the Venom symbiote of Earth-617 to become the superhero Spider-Woman. Travelling to other dimensions, she learned of the fate that had befallen numerous other incarnations of herself and encountered other incarnations who had become Spider-Woman. Forming a secret multiversal organization with the other Spider-Women, she avoided taking part in the Totem War. Closely monitoring Earth-65's Gwen Stacy, she interceded through Gwen-65's Dimensional Travel Watch to prevent her from killing Matthew Murdock and sent her to meet her past self, creating a time loop. When the Watchers, Utaa and Utau came to investigate and picked a fight with the children of Gwen Stacy of Earth-8, Gwen-617 intervened and terrified the Watchers with her symbiote before explaining what had transpired; returning to her home dimension when her own Dimensional Travel Watch alerted her to a crime in progress.[1]


Seemingly those of Eddie Brock of Earth-616 while bonded to the Venom symbiote.


Seemingly those of Gwen Stacy of Earth-65.


Gwen Stacy possesses a Dimensional Travel Watch that lets her travel the Multiverse by utilizing the Web of Life and Destiny.[citation needed]

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