Guy Stanford was a traitor to his country, joining the Nazis during World War II. Stationed in London, he would use his position of editor at the Tattler Newspaper to turn the British public against popular American reporter Jerry Hunter, by accusing him of being a traitor.

With Hunter demonized by the public, Stanford would work with the Nazis to spread a cloud of poison gas all over Britain. This plot would be discovered by Hunter who (unaware of Stanford's involvement) would warn the public in time to prevent any massive casualties. Stanford, was out flying in a Nazi plane to watch the British people suffer when he spotted Jerry Hunter in a plane dropping emergency pamphlets telling the public how to deal with the poison. Although Stanford's plane was armed, Hunter would cause it to crash by tossing a parcel of pamphlets on the planes propeller causing the plane to crash, killing Stanford in the process.

With the threat over, Stanford's plot was exposed and Hunter's name cleared.




Stanford had access to a Nazi Luftwaffe fighter.

The Poison Gas Cloud the Nazis used could have been created by Nazi scientist Professor Huntz(Doug Johnson foe)[[1]].

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