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After the Weapon X Program failed to capture James Howlett a.k.a. Logan for their experiments, they chose another candidate, a former RCMP and Marine named Guy Desjardins. For an unknown reason, when the scientists working for Weapon X bonded Adamantium to Guy Desjardins' bones, excess Adamantium formed spikes that permanently protruded from Guy Desjardins' arms similar to James Howlett's.

Weapon X seemed to be prone to violent outbursts, and was highly uncontrollable. Due to this, he had to wear cybernetic armor that pumped adrenaline and narcotics into him, but unfortunately this was ineffective. After being sent to the Flight by the Weapon X Program, he escaped them, and killed anyone who got too close to him.

After some time, Logan found him and the two engaged in a fight. Logan killed Weapon X, and revealed the government's part in creating the monster.[1]

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