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Gunther Bain would be one of the mutants who would side with Apocalypse, under going cybernetic and genetic enhancements. He would lead a group of Infinites in the culling of humans in Seattle, Washington. In the aftermath of the slaughter, Unus would come across a lone human girl and the time displaced Bishop. Thinking Bishop was a normal human, Unus would attempt to crush Bishop with his forcefield powers, but learn he was a mutant.

Shocked to find a "gene traitor" on his mission, Unus would order Bishop killed. However the order would not be carried out due to the timely arrival of Magneto and his X-Men. While the X-Men would eliminate the Infinites, Unus would get th drop on Magneto and hold him at gun point. However before he could pull the trigger his body would be frozen and shattered by Iceman.


See Angelo Unuscione (Earth-295)#Powers

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