A humanoid rabbit robot built for Arcade, he was leader of the Loonies.[1] He had to explain the plan to the Loonies when they all forgot it.[2]As leader, he also had a direct line of communication to Arcade.[3] However, Guns Gummy was destroyed in the Emerald City after being ordered to kill Excalibur by Arcade, as Kitty had used his technology to build her own robots, ‘The Merry Maladies’, who exploited each robot’s weakness. [4]


Guns Gummy carried guns shaped like carrots that could make their targets' bodies lose their rigidity and become rubbery, and also ones that fired energy pulses.[5]

Like the other Loonies, Guns Gummy is a parody of a famous Looney Tunes cartoon character - in his case, Bugs Bunny.

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