Gummi was a member of the Jahrmarkt, or circus in Bulgaria, Germany where future X-Man, Nightcrawler grew up in. She was a very close friend of Margali Szardos, Kurt's adopted mother.[1]

Gummi (Earth-616) from Nightcrawler Vol 4 2 0002

When Nightcrawler and his adopted sister Amanda Sefton returned home in fear that the individual Trimega was coming after their mother but instead they encountered the welcome wagon in the form of a attack from Gummi and two other members of the circus, Feuer and Haus. Gummi went straight after Amanda and the Bamfs by using her elasticity ability to stretch her body around Amanda tightly so she couldn't escape, due to how malleable she is in that form.[2]

Amanda managed to get out of Gummi's hold after Nightcrawler teleported her in front of a rampaging Haus, causing Gummi her to get punched in the face. The collision knocked some sense into Haus making him remember Kurt, so they realized it was really him. Kurt explained that they were there to see their mother, thinking she was in danger.

As Kurt called out for her, Margali came out to let him know that she wasn't aware that someone might be after her, but before she could finish talking, Trimega appeared out of nowhere taking out Gummi and the others with very little ease.[2]


Plasticity: Gummi possesses the ability to elongate her arms, legs, and torso.

"Gummi" in German means rubber.

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