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Government-funded armor-wearing security force


They are the group of elite pilots wearing the Guardsmen armors created by the US military after building the suits from Stark. The Guardsman armor was originally worn by Kevin and Michael O'Brien before being given over to the U.S. government. The Guardsmen were introduced as prison guards for the Colorado superhuman detention facility, the Vault.[1]

When Iron Man began his Armor Wars, he attempted to destroy or take back any armor designs out of his direct control, including assaulting the Vault. Stark disabled all the old Guardsmen armors[2], forcing the Guardsmen to re-arm themselves with armor of weaker technology. This left them vulnerable to a mass escape at the start of Acts of Vengeance.[3] Stark soon supplied a new set of Guardsmen armor to the Vault, more powerful but bound to the generators of the facility so they could not be used outside the Vault.[4]

After the closing of the Vault[5], the U.S. government still continued occasionally using Guardsmen in security and detention matters.[6]


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