Gru was a prehistorical Lion living around 50,000 B.C. One day, while looking for food he arrived to some caves in wich Ak, Tuk and Rhaya were living, when he arrived He found Rhaya and Tuk alone and he attacked them, Tuk was at that moment only a helpless child and so his mother, Rhaya faced Gru in order to protect her son, despite being in a clear disavantage against the animal Rhaya managed to fight on until Ak, who had been as well looking for food, returned home. Looking at the scene Ak managed to make an enormous boulder fell over Gru crushing him to death, but despite his efforts he was to late to save Rhaya's life. After Gru's attack, Ak and Tuk moved to a new cave out of reach to any beast were they lived until Tuk growed up.

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