The man known as Grimsey was seeking to replace Ben Wallis as sheriff of Fade Out for his own crooked purposes. To this end, he incapacitated archery expert "Injun" Joe and had his cohort, named Miguel, begin murdering people with a bow and arrow in an attempt to turn public opinion against the Ben Wallis by making him look incapable of doing his job.

However, the masked vigilante known as Masked Raider would learn of this plot and assist Wallis in exposing the true killer. When the Raider put a false message from the "Arrow Killer" on Wallis's door warning him to "resign", this would prompt Grimsey to go to Miguel and demand to know what is going on. Realizing that it was a hoax, he would fail to catch the Masked Raider or identify the hero when he was caught overhearing them talk.

Later when Wallis challenged Grimsey to a gun fight near Robbers Rock, Grimsey would agree to the duel planning to have Miguel on sight to shoot Wallis with a poison arrow. The Masked Raider would prevent this and Wallis would apprehend Grimsey and his gang. In the aftermath of this failed plot, Wallis would be reelected sheriff.[1]


Grimsey is armed with a six shooter.

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