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Grim Reaper's Scythe

Grim Reaper's Scythe

The blade is 48 inches long and is connected by a 24 inch shaft to the basket hilt by which it is held. It has at least four internal weapons.

  • Concussive Plasma Blasts: Fires blasts from the handle equivalent to 100 pounds of TNT.
  • Encephalo-Stunner: By touching the end of the shaft against a living target, the target can be put into a coma that is fatal after three hours.
  • Anesthetic Gas Spray: Each use can form a cloud of gas capable of rendering all that breathe it unconscious for 20 minutes.
  • High-speed Buzzsaw: The blade can rotate at over 6000 RPM, which can provide a bullet-deflecting shield, or a low-power helicopter that will negate falling damage from nearly any height.

More recently in his "Death" persona, Eric Williams has a distinctive scythe. However, the weapon appears to have a slightly different nomenclature. It's power may also be different as he was able to disrupt and defeat Wonder Man. [1]. Previously the scythe appeared to be a minor nuisance to this Ionic Avenger [2]


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