Born in the Soviet Union, Ghost Maker's father was a high-ranking KGB member who trained his son martial arts for the 15 years. His training was completed when he killed 10 top Western spies. While attacking a Sussex military camp, he came into conflict with Shang-Chi and his associate Leiko Wu. However, during one of their battles, Ghost Maker got exposed to raindrops containing death-dust and it appeared nothing but his skeleton remained.[1]

A cult known as the Snakeroot resurrected the Ghost Maker to fight both Daredevil and Elektra. However, he failed, especially when the two were joined by Shang-Chi. Elektra had enough of the fighting and killed the Ghost Maker once again using one of her sais. His corpse was later retrieved by the villainous organization known as the Hand, who resurrected Ghost Maker once again to become their loyal servant.[2]

Civil War

Ghost Maker reappeared during the Civil War event and when the registration law was announced, he wanted to leave the country again. He contacted Vienna to make him a new fake identity, but he didn't know Vienna was secretly working for the Heroes for Hire, who later apprehended Ghost Maker and several other supervillains. Shang-Chi was also part of this team.[3]


Has enhanced speed, reflexes, and regenerative powers.


Master of several martial arts






He occasionally keeps fencing foils to use as weaponry.

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