Grey Gidden was a part of a gang of men who sought to secede the state of Texas from the Union. To this end, he would obtain detailed blue prints of a nearby fort where he intended to have his men steal gun powder. They intended to sell the powder to the local Native Americans so encourage them to fight Union forces out of the state, and eliminate each other so that Texas could become an independent territory.

However, unfortunately for Grey Gidden, the Masked Raider would learn of the plot and capture Gidden before he met up with his men. The Raider would send Gidden off on his horse Lightning to the military base. The Raider, disguised as Gidden would then sabotage the plot leaving all of Gidden's men arrested by the Union soldiers.


Grey Gidden ride a horse

Additional facts gleaned from the Masked Raider profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #14.

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