Grey Eagle was the chief of a tribe of Comanches that lived during the day of the American Frontier. After the birth of his son, Grey Eagle went to the mountains near his tribe and sought the blessing of their god Manitou. Seeing lightning strikes after calling to his god, Grey Eagle was convinced that his son was blessed by the great spirit and dubbed him the Red Warrior. Grey Eagle then had the boy raised in the ways of the Comanche having Red Warrior taught both the skills of the men and women of his tribe so that he would be his people's greatest warrior. As Red Warrior reached adulthood, their tribe was attacked by a group of drunken outlaws. At the time Grey Eagle blamed the soldiers at a nearby US Army trading post. After a scouting operation, Grey Eagle and Red Warrior returned home to find their village had been attacked. Grey Eagle's own wife was fatally wounded and informed Red Warrior where her killers went. Grey Eagle then relocated his tribe while Red Warrior tracked down the killers and slew them to avenge his people[1].


Grey Eagle rode a horse.


Grey Eagle had weapons that were commonly used by Comanches during the days of the American Frontier: knives, bow and arrow, spears, and tomahawks.

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