Early Life

One of a fleet of dragon-shaped symbiote-conglomerates under the control of Knull, Grendel and its brethren travelled the cosmos devouring entire civilizations.[2][1]

Viking Age

It attacked Earth in the early medieval period, devouring several Norse soldiers before being repelled by Thor and trapped inside a glacier for hundreds of years,[3][1] forming the basis of the legend of Beowulf slaying a dragon.[4]

Vietnam War

In late April of 1966, its frozen body was discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D.,[5] who excavated it and used its biomass to create a symbiote super-soldier program.[2] Upon realizing it was still alive, S.H.I.E.L.D. immediately began searching for a way to kill it, subjecting it to tortuous experiments. However, they were unsuccessful, and these efforts only sent its enraged offshoots on a killing spree in Vietnam.[5]

Modern Age

Following the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D.,[3] Grendel was awakened by Knull and started wreaking havoc in New York. It was subdued by Venom and Spider-Man until Knull used its biomass to manifest an avatar.[6] Knocking Miles unconscious, Knull reformed Grendel around himself, Spider-Man, and Eddie Brock - distracting the latter by telling him the history of the symbiotes - and flew into space, intent on recovering its missing piece and using it to free himself from Klyntar.[1]

After Venom merged with Grendel's missing piece, the Tyrannosaurus symbiote called out to Knull, who attacked Rex's base. Despite the Grendel symbiote being destabilized using the Jury's sonic grenades, Knull's manifestation managed to rip the Venom and Tyrannosaurus symbiotes from Eddie and tried to assimilate them, but Eddie activated all the sonic grenades. With Knull's manifestation weakened by the resulting explosion, the Tyrannosaurus symbiote was able to rebel and drag him into the blast furnace; sacrificing itself to immolate the Grendel symbiote and seemingly killing Knull in the process.[7] However, the Grendel symbiote survived and its remaining biomass was harvested by The Maker's organization, Project Oversight, before being stolen from his lab.[8]

Like most corrupt symbiotes, Grendel is a bloodthirsty predator and is responsible for the destruction of entire civilizations.[2][5]


Like other Klyntar, Grendel is capable of manifesting tendrils from its biomass, using them to attack prey.[3] Its biomass is capable of being separated into individual symbiotes that can be bonded to hosts.[5]


Unlike most symbiotes, Grendel is not vulnerable to intense heat or sonics. However, it was incapacitated by Thor's divine lightning and Miles Morales' Venom Blast, causing it to temporarily destabilize and unravel into an amorphous mass.[9] Venom was able to use sonic grenades to incapacitate it, and Tyrannosaurus attempted to immolate it using a steel-smelting blast furnace described as feeling like touching the sun.[7]


Due to having manifesting a draconic shape, Grendel is capable of interstellar flight.


Grendel uses its fanged jaws, talons, wings, and tendrils as weapons.

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