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At some point in the past, Gregory Terraerton was seemingly killed by "the merc with the mouth" Deadpool.[1]

Years later, he somehow came back to life as Slayback and used stolen Weapon X files on Kane and Deadpool to kidnap Copycat[2] in order to use her as bait to find and kill Deadpool for killing him earlier.

He was subsequently seemingly killed by Zero (an A.D.A.M. unit).[3]

Slayback once hired himself out to a scientist group who wanted to use Deadpool's healing factor as a possible cure for the Legacy Virus. He enjoyed carving on his old friend Wade's chest during the experiments.[4]

He was later revealed to be alive, but he was killed by Sharp after test subjects from the Weapon X program escaped.[5]

He mysteriously came back to life to fight Deadpool and his Mercs for Money.[6]


Cyber-morph, with augmented healing factor, strength, agility and speed.

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