Gray Dolman watched Shadrac battling Osborn security.[1]
Dolman recounted Shadrac's origin to his unwilling pawn, who pleaded to be allowed to get help from Iceman. Refusing, Dolman commanded Shadrac to attack Morris Maxwell's pawn shop, and then to blow away the cops who'd followed them.[2] Dolman abducted Morris Maxwell, who had received the gift of knowledge in the Gathering in order to discover where he had hidden the spindle. Holding Maxwell over a deep subterranean chasm, the mystic reasserted his control over Shadrac. He blasted Dolman in rage, but was forced to battle Iceman and Spider-Man before being coated in an ice-web mixture, once again allowing him to reassert control of himself. Finding the spindle at the bottom of the chasm, Dolman's mystic energy began to collapse the cavern. Shadrac leapt into his energy-engorged form, sending them both plunging into the chasm. Dolman emerged from the pit, and related his story to J. Jonah Jameson, disguising himself as a homeless man. As he walked away from Jameson, he found to his horror that Herd had merged with him, and could override whatever evil he planned.[3]

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