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Lord Granitor was one of the highest-ranking members of a race of alien gargoyles. He came to Earth in the late 20th century in a bid for world domination. His efforts were foiled due to the intervention of a human named Bob O'Bryan who managed to merge his essence with It the Living Collosus and defeat him. The Living Colossus was aided by a rebellious Stonian named Magnor as well as a mind-controlled Fin Fang Foom. Forced to flee, Granitor and his army activated a teleportation device to take them back to Stonus V. In mid-transit however, It the Living Colossus destroyed the controls and Granitor and his soldiers were disintegrated.


Stonians are silicon-based life forms whose bodies are comprised of a veritable living granite. Gorgolla had enhanced strength, durability and was well-nigh invulnerable. He could also fly by way of a pair of large, bat-like wings.


Teleportation device.

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