Quote1 All right-- the belt's comin' off! Quote2
-- Grain Belt

Grain Belt was a member of The Harvesters, a super-team based in Kansas.

When a Zombie Hyperion began eating his way across the state, The Harvesters attempted to stop him and were ultimately defeated.

Grain Belt did his part by taking off his pants and turning into grain, something Hyperion could not eat, but Hyperion just blew him away. It is unknown if the dispersal of his body killed him or merely incapacitated him.


Self-Transmution: Grain Belt was able to control his body, which was made of grain, down to the particulate level. An unfortunate side effect of his powers was that he was essentially nude when they were in effect, so he usually undressed before activating them, often with the phrase, "Now the belt's coming off!"

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