The Gouger was an outlaw that lived during the days of the American Frontier. He earned his nickname from his long and pointy thumb-nail which he often used to gouge out the eyes of his enemies. He and his gang lived in the town of Roaring Gulch. Gouger and his men were propositioned to help dig in the mind of a man who was in ill health. Unfortunately, the man was poor and could not pay them and needed the money for medical treatment. Calling the sickly man a tenderfoot, the Gouger and his men were about to rough him up when Kid Colt got in the middle and dragged the sickly man out. Learning his plight, Kid Colt could not think of a way to help the man out.

Back inside the saloon the Gouger and his men plotted to travel out to the sickly man's mine and steal the gold for themselves. Overhearing this, Kid Colt used his reputation to get in on the job. At the mine, the Gouger and his men struck gold. When they did, Kid Colt scared off all their horses and then gunned down most of the gang. The Gouger then challenged Kid Colt to a one-on-one fight. When locked in battle, the Gouger nearly succeeded in gouging Kid Colt's eyes out, but the gunslinger managed to knock the Gouger off a cliff where he fell to his death.

Kid Colt then took the gold and turned it over to it's rightful owner.[1]

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