Gosamyr is a member of an ancient race of alien beings. In line with her alien heritage, Gosamyr is a very beautiful and delicate creature. Once she reaches adulthood, her race cocoon themselves for several thousand years before finally emerging as large powerful monstrosities. At some point Gosamyr's parents were kidnapped by the evil alien Spyder while they were still in their cocoon phase. Spyder threatened to destroy Gosamyr's parents if she did not aid him in destroying the New Mutants.[1]

Though she agreed and managed to infiltrate the team, she used her empathic powers to seduce both Cannonball and Sunspot into helping her free her parents. The female members of the group saw through her deception but, realizing she was a pawn, helped Gosamyr not only save her parents but stop Spyder in the process.[2]

Finding an attraction to Sunspot, Gosamyr stayed on the New Mutants team for a short while before leaving for space to rejoin her people.[3]


While in the pre-cocoon stage, Gosamyr possesses wings that allow her to fly. She can also become Invisible once she wraps herself in them. She also possesses some Empathic control over the male species, which she mostly uses to seduce or bring about conflict. Once out of her hibernation Gosamyr will gain in great size and strength.

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