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Goodness Silva and her brother Lucky lived in a suburb in Detroit, Michigan with their mother.[1] And both could turn into animals, a wolf and a two-tailed fox, respectively.[2]

One night, their neighborhood was attacked by several supervillains, secretly hired by councilman Dick Snerd to get rid of high-risk areas. A portion of the Silvas' house was damaged by Firebrand, severely injuring Lucky. Before coming to her brother's aid, Good used her powers to save a neighbor who was being terrorized by the villain Pitchfork.[1]

Goodness Silva (Earth-616) from Great Lakes Avengers Vol 2 1 001

Good's human form

While remaining by Lucky's side at the hospital, Good caught a glimpse of a press conference on TV during shihc councilman Snerd praised the perpetrators of the attack for having targeted what he claimed were crime hotspots. Engered by the councilman's claims, Good located Snard and allegedly threw a glass bottle at him in protest.

As she was being escorted into a police station, Good unwittingly transformed into her lupine form due to nervousness. Some heroes present at the scene, the Great Lakes Avengers, intervened and calmed her down. The GLA's attorney Connie Ferrari looked into Good and temporarily made her part of the Avengers to ensure she wouldn't be prosecuted.[3]

After this misadventure, the team is served with an injunction, forbidding them of performing any superhero activity. After receiving the news, Mr. Immortal returns and he goes on patrol with Flatman, while Big Bertha, Doorman and Goodness, now going by the name Good Boy, go to Nain Rogue's bar, where they find Nein Rouge is, in fact, councilman Dick Snerd.[2]

After their patrol, Flatman and Mr. Immortal returned to the HQ and discovered Bertha and Good Boy took Dick Snerd hostage. When Connie arrives to help the team with the injunction, they pretend everything's normal and attempt to keep Snerd's abduction a secret, but Flatman gets really nervous and Connie quickly finds out. After seeing that Good Boy almost killed Snerd, the team drops him off at the hospital and escapes.[4]


Lycanthropy: Goodness is capable of tranforming into a wolf with blue and white fur while retaining her normal intellect. She can make use of this ability at will,[1] but it can also be triggered unwittingly by stress.[3]

  • Good appears to be a vivid fan of Japanese culture, having a bedroom chock-full with anime and manga memorabilia.[1]

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