Gloria grew up very close to her sister, Rachel, until she began working as a house keeper at the Marquis Hotel and secret sleeping with movie star Jack Vaughn. Believing Rachel to be under control of an "evil mutant", Gloria hired X-Factor Investigations to find out the truth. Urged to investigate by Layla Miller, Siryn agreed to take the case. Siryn was able to get pictures of Rachel and Vaughn together, and reported the news to a shocked Gloria.[1] Vaughn and Rachel were participating in a consensual and casual relationship, but Vaughn liked to play out rape fantasies and even used a loaded gun as a prop. When Gloria barged in to confront the two, the gun went off and fatally wounded Rachel.[2] Gloria went into shock, and was framed from the murder.[1] Vaughn was heavily represented by Singularity Investigations[3], but help from Madrox and Monet, Vaughn confessed.[2]


None. Baseline human

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