Gloria Grant was seen for the first time when she met Peter Parker and Flash Thompson. Parker had moved into a new apartment, and she was living down the hall. On seeing his camera she told him that fate had brought them together as she was a model and he a photographer[1]. Soon after she met Mary Jane Watson, who had just returned from Hospital, and invited Peter to a Party at her apartment[2]

She then became a secretary for J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle when his original secretary, Betty Brant, left and he could not find anyone to replace her. She also got involved with the werewolf criminals the Lobo brothers and fell in love with Eduardo Lobo. Then during the Gang War she was shooting to kill Spider-Man but instead killed Eduardo.[3] She was later seen dating Randy Robertson, son of former Daily Bugle Editor Joseph Robertson.

Later, Glory was seen dating a young man named Lewis.[4]

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