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19th century

The first such creature was seen in the 19th Century when the creature attacked the sailing ship known as the Pequod. It's captain Ulysses Bloodstone battled the creature[2]. The resulting clash was fictionalized into the literary classic, Moby Dick.

Modern heroic era

Another Giganto was was used by the Atlanteans as the biological equivalent of a doomsday weapon. It normally stayed in hibernation in a cave somewhere on the ocean floor until awakened when summoned by the Horn of Proteus. Once summoned, Giganto could be directed to attack and destroy any region. In the modern age, Namor summoned the first Atlantean Giganto to attack the surface world after finding an Atlantean outpost[3] was devastated by atomic weapons. Giganto attacked New York City causing massive destruction. However, it was destroyed when the Thing, member of the Fantastic Four, carried an atomic bomb into its stomach. The blast vaporized Giganto's internal organs though it did not penetrate his armored hide. The rest of the Fantastic Four attacked Namor, and the Human Torch sent Namor flying into the ocean in a heat funnel, separating him from the Horn of Proteus, which was lost elsewhere in the ocean. [1]

The offspring of the original Atlantean Giganto was summoned by Dr. Doom who had recovered the Horn of Proteus[4]. With an army of undersea creatures Giganto attacked the surface world until they were repelled by the Fantastic Four and the Avengers who recovered the Horn of Proteus and used a sonic amplifier to draw the creatures back into the ocean, the Horn was discarded once more[5]. Shortly thereafter Doom had gathered an enormous amount of power from the Cosmic Cube, Galactus, the Silver Surfer and the Ultimate Machine and was attempting to conquer the entire Earth. Namor fought back using the offspring of Giganto, but they were easily brushed away. [6]

When Reed Richards and his wife Sue were going through marital problems, Namor was contacted by the Inhuman known as Triton to help bring them back together. To this end, Namor launched a mock attack on New York City, using another Giganto creature in the fight. When Sue professed her love for her husband, the battle was quickly ended and Giganto returned to the ocean[7]. Sometime later, the Horn of Proteus was stolen by Captain Barracuda who used it to summon Giganto again and unleash the behemoth upon New York City. This time Namor worked together with the Fantastic Four in stopping Giganto's path of destruction and recovering the Horn from Barracuda, ending Giganto's rampage[8]. A mechanical version of Giganto was later and briefly used by Namor until it was destroyed by the original Human Torch [9]. Giganto was later used as a pawn by Llyra and Namor's grandnephew Llyron to discredit Namor by staging an attack on the United Nations building. Namor's efforts to protect the city from Giganto were hampered by Llyra and Llyron, and when Llyron tricked the UN into thinking he put the better effort into stopping Giganto, the creature was returned to the oceans depths. [10]

At some point in her career, the heroine known as Squirrel Girl, who was a SHIELD operative, clashed and single handedly defeated Giganto in combat [11]. Although the details of this clash are largely unrecorded. With the approach of the Apocalypse Beast, many of Earth's monsters went on a frenzy. This included at least one Giganto creature, which attacked the island nation of Japan[12]. However the creatures soon fled from the island when Reed Richards convinced the monster known as Grogg that he could destroy the Apocalypse Beast before it could threaten all life on Earth[13]. Later, Giganto was one of the monsters guarding the island Namor gave use to Black Panther and Storm for their honeymoon.[14]

Following the death of Captain America, the Horn of Proteus was used by Tiger Shark to summon sea creatures, including a Giganto, to attack the surface. Giganto and the other creatures were driven back by the Mighty Avengers, until Namor arrived to recover the Horn and return the creatures and Tiger Shark to the depths of the ocean[15]. Later, while investigating a sunken ship, the hero known as Stingray accidentally stumbled upon a Giganto. The creature could not be harmed by his weapons and it quickly swallowed him. However, Stingray proved to be too large a morsel to eat and this Giganto apparently choked to death, allowing Stingray to escape. [16]


Giganto is immensely large, super-humanly strong, and resistant to injury. It also possesses a blow-hole similar to a whale's which can squirt water.


Giganto has one fatal limitation, its need for rest. Giganto can only function for one hour on the surface before it must rest for another 23 hours. It sleeps with its mouth open, exposing its vulnerable interior.

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