Gideon would be recruited into the first incarnation of the Horsemen of Apocalypse along with Death, Candra, Sabertooth and War. Their first mission would be an attack on Cape Citadel for the purposes of launching it's nuclear warheads on human targets. The other Horsemen would deal with the security forces and clear a path for Gideon to access missile command where he would begin the countdown for their intended Armageddon.

Their plans would be interrupted by the arrival of Magneto and his X-Men, the only opposition to Apocalypse's plans. While the X-Men would keep the Horsemen busy, Magneto would enter Cape Citadel and confront Gideon. Magneto would make the mistake of attacking Gideon head on with his powers, allowing Gideon to duplicate his powers and use them to keep Magneto at bay and continue his work. Gideon however did not expect Magneto to selflessly do anything to stop him. Blasting Gideon with his magnetic powers at full blast, Magneto would cause Gideon to overload and explode.

While the explosion would kill Gideon, Magneto would survive the blast and save his X-Men from being destroyed by the defenses aboard Apocalypse's ship.

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