Not much is known about the origins of the so-called "Giant of the Badlands" a massive human who lived on a mountain that was later named after his killer, the western hero Kid Colt. According to the research of scientist Mortimer Mild, the giant was the grandson of the legendary Paul Bunyan. Mild sought out the giant hoping to enslave it and use it to rule the west. However was captured and tortured by the giant for two months, convincing the giant that it could take over the world.

The giant soon crossed paths with Kid Colt, and the hero wisely decided to keep his distance as the giant captured a posse of law men who were after the outlaw and took them as his prisoner. When the giant attacked the town of Last Chance, Kid Colt rode after the giant. The Kid used his lasso to climb up the giant and rescue his captives then goaded the massive human into chasing after him. Racing ahead, Kid Colt tied rope between two trees causing the giant to trip and fall over a cliff. Kid Colt then threw giant boulders down, killing the giant. In thanks for his heroics, the locals named the mountain where the giant originated and was slain after Kid Colt.[1]


The giant was bullet proof and possessed enough strength to topple rock structures.

Paul Bunyan appears in Captain America #383,if he doesn't appear in a flashback in this story then the Captain America story is his first appearance.

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