"Ghostly" Terrill was a criminal who was active in the 1930s and was arrested in 1935 for an undisclosed crime. After spending 10 years in prison he planned a means of escaping. He succeeded in doing so in early 1945 with some help of some criminals on the outside. Feigning a back injury while working out in the yard, Terrill was taken to the local infirmary. There, a prison guard gave him a suit to wear and helped him escape. He killed the guard and fled, but was spotted leading to the prison sounding the alarm. Learning of the jail break from an underworld stool the Human Torch and Toro chased after him but failed to capture him.

Terrill and his gang then plotted to steal a load of gold bullion that was being shipped from Hawaii to Fort Knox. Even though the train was being guarded by both the FBI, the Torch and Toro, Terrill's men managed to steal the load of gold by releasing the passenger car carrying the FBI agents, forcing the Torch and Toro to go to their rescue. The train was taken to an abandoned copper mine once owned by the Atlas Copper Company, however the Torch and Toro managed to track the train down.

When attempting to apprehend Terrill and his men, the two heroes inadvertently flew into fireproof sacks that were glued onto them and they were placed into a smelter to die while Terrill and his men attempted to flee to Mexico. Freeing themselves, the Torch and Toro once more attempted to capture Terrill and his goons. When Terril threatened to throw a box of dynamite at the two heroes, the Torch threw a fireball instead causing an explosion that killed Terrill.

With their leader dead, the gang surrendered and the gold was returned to the authorities.

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