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Ghost Rider has just performed his penance stare on Doctor Strange after mistaking him for Lucifer. Realising what he has done, he tries to resuscitate Strange, he cries out for help. Suddenly Numecet appears and explains the situation to Johnny, telling him that Lucifer used him to get to Earth. She reveals that Lucifer's soul was split into 666 pieces (the number of the devil) and that every time one dies, the other Lucifer's become that much stronger, she then reveals that Lucifer is still using him to destroy the copies and thus making him stronger. She says that for a time Lucifer will get anyone to kill him until he becomes too powerful, Johnny then tells her that his plan is to take Lucifer back to Hell and that nobody can stop him, after Blaze rides off, Nucecet revives Strange and tells him that the Rider is right.

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