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Ghost Rider Vol 2 13


Ghost Rider Vol 2 13

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Appearing in "You've Got a Second Chance, Johnny Blaze!"Edit

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Synopsis for "You've Got a Second Chance, Johnny Blaze!"Edit

Following his encounter with the Phantom Eagle, Johnny finds that he has changed back into his human form even though it is still night time. Believing this is because for the first time he has used his powers to help others that he has finally beat Satan. Needing a job, he remembers an offer given to him by the Stuntmaster to do stunts on his show. Traveling to Hollywood, Johnny takes Stuntmaster up on his offer and is hired by Delazny Studios to do stunts for the Stuntmaster show. Meeting Karen Page, who is also acting on the show, Johnny begins to do a stunt when suddenly Karen is grabbed by the Trapster who hopes to use her as a hostage for ransom.

Finding that he now changes into Ghost Rider whenever there is danger, Johnny chases after the Trapster and battles him. While the Trapster has all sorts of gimmicks and gadgets to fight the Ghost Rider, he is ultimately no match for the hero's super-natural powers and is easily defeated. Changing back into Johnny, he frees Karen and the two embrace.

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