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Ghost Rider's Motorcycle
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The motorcycle belonging to the Ghost Rider possessing Dan Ketch was a solid black back, possessing flaming wheels and had the Medallion of Power as a gascap. Originally, Dan had to touch the gascap to transform into Ghost Rider, but he later learned that the power was within himself all along. The bike had several supernatural abilities, including:

Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) Motorcycle (Respond)
Control: The bike responds to the mental commands of the Ghost Rider, wherever he may be. It will stop at nothing to get to him when he calls for it.

Ghost Riders Bike (Reform)

Ghost Rider reforming his bike

Reformation: The bike could not be destroyed by any means. When blown up by one of the men working for Flag-Smasher, Ghost Rider reformed it by sheer will.

Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) Motorcycle (Wall)

Riding up a wall

Surface Traction: The bike can cling to the surface of just about any material. It has been seen going up the sides of buildings, as well as riding on the surface of water without sinking.
Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) Motorcycle (Water)

Riding across water

Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) Motorcycle (Ram)

Fender battering ram

Battering Ram: The front fender of the bike can be lowered and used as a battering ram to plow through other vehicles and walls.

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