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One of the creations of mad scientist Doctor Demonicus, Ghilaron was the toughest of the children of the Lifestone, next to Batragon himself. The monster appeared to be a cross between a lizard and some form of insect, and resembled nothing so much as the basilisk of myth and legend. Ghilaron was kept in the dormant volcano where the meteor Lifestone fell, until Doctor Demonicus unleashed his monstrous menagerie to destroy both Godzilla and the S.H.I.E.L.D. forces that threatened his secret base. Unfortunately, the madman seriously overestimated the strength of his monsters, and, after a lengthy duel, Ghilaron was defeated by Godzilla. Ghilaron was a fairly straight-forward grappler. He sought to get a good grip on his enemy's body with his grasping legs, then chomp down with his jaws, working his foe's flesh and seeking to wear them down. This pit-bull of the monster world wouldn't release his powerful clamping jaws until his enemy was worn down, or he himself was dealt a serious injury. The monster seemed fairly unintelligent and was probably incapable of any other combat strategy.


Ghilaron was able to climb sheer surfaces with some ease. His eight legs also gave him a tenacious grip on adversaries and his savage jaws seemed capable of locking onto an adversary and holding him until serious injury forced him to release his grip.

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