Not much is known about the Gh'runjian race, apparently they hale from the planet Gh'runji. One such creature ended up on the alien world of K'rith. Seeking help, they beamed messages in the space that influenced alien creatures to create computer simulated battle against the Gh'runjians. One such subject was software developer Dr. Giles Neven who developed a video game called "Space Saver" to help fund his radio telescope research. When he attempted to try and convince Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four to invest in the game all he found were Mister Fantastic's son Franklin and the Thing. The trio soon found themselves teleported to K'Rith while playing a demo of the game. There they worked with the K'rinthians to stop the Gh'runjian that had invaded their world. Discovering the creature needed to recharge itself with a massive power battery, they destroyed the device causing the Gh'runjian to eventually become inert and then fade away.

Powers and Abilities


Gh'runjians can spit out miniature flaming versions of themselves that are explosive.


Gh'runjians maintain their existence via massive power batteries. If they do not regularly charge themselves after feasting they will fade from existence.

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