4-D Time Portico from Runaways Vol 2 1 0001

Heroine arriving in the 4-D Time Portico

Heroine shares an identical history with Gertrude Yorkes (Earth-616) until sometime after the Runaways escaped protective custody.[1]

She went on to become the leader of the Avengers and adopted the codename Heroine. She and Armor were the only two apparent survivors after Victorious betrayed the Avengers and murdered most of the superheroes including the remaining Avengers, Armor's X-Men, the Fantastic Fourteen, and others.[2]

Gertrude Yorkes (Earth-5421) 01

The mortally wounded Heroine arriving in her past

After being mortally wounded, Heroine was barely able to utilize the repaired 4-D Time Portico and travel back in time to warn her younger self and the other Runaways about Victorious. He mortally wounds her before she travels back in time to warn them about him.[3]

As the Runaways were returning to the Hostel after an unsuccessful mission to rescue Excavator from his father and the Wrecking Crew, they were greeted by the dying Heroine. She was able to warn the Runaways to find Victor Mancha and stop him from becoming the deadly super-villain Victorious. Heroine then died in Chase's arms.[3] Heroine's body was buried just outside the La Brea Museum.[4]



  • Just before dying, Heroine admitted she never told Chase that she loved him.[3]
  • When Heroine discussed the betrayal of Victorious, she emphasized that she loved him. This may hint that Victorious and Heroine had a romantic relationship.[2]
  • The fate of Heroine's Old Lace remains unclear as she is not seen in the future and Heroine has clearly changed her codename from Arsenic.
  • Heroine's costume appears eerily similar to Arsenic's costume in the reality where the Runaways become the Young Avengers.[5]

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