Grondier worked as a personal butler for Renee Deladier in her mansion. Grondier was later shown to be a double agent, spying on Deladier and her criminal enterprise for The Kingpin. After being informed that Deladier was making suprise trip to New York, The Kingpin gave Grondier orders to kill Deladier, and dump her body into the Atlantic Ocean before parachuting out of the plane to safety.

While in flight, Grondier snuck up behind Deladier's chair with the intent of shooting her in the back of the head. However, Deladier, who, at the time, was in possesion of Cloak's Cloak of Darkness, used the Cloak to bind Grondier on the floor. As the Cloak further wrapped around Grondier's body, Deladier revealed that, just as The Kingpin had placed spies in her organization, she had placed spies in his organization, and knew the entire time that Grondier was double crossing her. As soon as she finished explaining this to Grondier, the Cloak procceded to devour his flesh, leaving behind only a skeleton.

The Kingpin was later shown cancelling Grondier's "family death benefits" plan, as a punishment for his failure.


  • None


  • Shown to speak both English and French fluently


  • In his first appearance, Grondier was refered to only as "Gerard" by Deladier. However, in the next issue, she refers to him as Gerald. Gerald is more or less confirmed as his name, with The Kingpin referring to him by this name, as well as Grondier himself using Gerald as his first name during a phone call to The Kingpin in the same issue.
  • Also in his first appearance, Grondier's hair was a salt-n'-pepper color, while it was ghost white in his second appearance.
  • It is mentioned that Grondier had a "family death benefits" plan, but it is not made clear what family that may entail.

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