During an invasion of rogue Skrulls on an alien hospital in the core of a black hole, Jessica Drew went into labor. While barricaded inside a delivery room, Jessica gave birth to her son Gerald without medication. Upon seeing into his well being, she got off the table, killed every insurgent Skrull before her, and passed out.[1] A few days later, Jessica and her son moved back to Jessica's apartment.[citation needed]

Gerry lives at home in Jessica's apartment in New York City, where family friend Roger Gocking/Porcupine babysits him while Jessica goes on hero duty.[citation needed]


Gerry has inherited several superhuman powers and abilities from his mother, Jessica Drew.

So far, his powers include:

  • Superhuman Strength: Gerry showed enough strength to shove himself out of Carol Danver's grip, bruise Black Widow with a kick to the face, effortlessly support his own body weight, and tear up a room as a young toddler.
  • Superhuman Speed: Gerry is apparently fast and slippery enough to bounce around a room faster than Roger was able to move, making him impossible to catch.
  • Superhuman Durability: Gerry has shown to be durable enough to handle dropping from a height of over a dozen feet into a bowl of chips without sustaining injury.
  • Superhuman Agility: Gerry, as a toddler, upon getting his powers, was agile enough to stand up and bounce around Jessica's living room and evade Roger with ease.

Gerry crawling the wall outside of his apartment building.

  • Wall Crawling: Gerry was immediately able to find himself on the ceiling upon getting his powers, his wall crawling strong enough to enable him to crawl around on his walls, the outside of his apartment building, and straight up a pole outside.
  • Venom Blasts: Gerry's body apparently possesses an inordinate amount of bio-electricity that he can instinctively channel and discharge through his hands, just like his mother can. So far, they are only strong enough to destroy objects and mildly electrocute people.

Strength level

Superhuman for someone his age, at least enough to injure a peak human, Black Widow.

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