Georgi was a loyal KGB informer in the Soviet Union. He turned in many people over the years. Among those were Katya Kosinsky's husband, Chaim Penchansky, Alexi Bibikov's son-in-law and Zina Proshkov. After the fall on the Soviet Union he was afraid that the relatives of the people he turned in the past would come after him. He went to the United States and began to kill them.

Georgi strangled Katya Kosinsky like his former victims. The police and the Black Widow were after him, but they had no clue that he was the murderer. He was visited by Black Widow and Maria Komarovshky and made the Widow mad by offering her tea and a hot dog that he didn't have. Two days later she visited him again. The police arrived and Georgi tried to run away armed with a knife. He threw a baby down to the beach to distract the Black Widow. The Widow still got him and Georgi was arrested for the murders he committed.

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