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Gorgeous George was a member of the Nasty Boys, a group of young mutants whose first and only missions were against the government sponsored X-Factor. His arms are longer than normal because he forgot their normal length after getting drunk with the other Nasty Boys. He is able to do many things with his tar-like body, and he once attempted to choke Strong Guy by entering his lungs.

He retained his mutant powers after the events of M-Day and together with Slab and Hairbag opened a lab for MGH's production.[1]


  • Shape Shifting: His body is composed of a tar and putty-like solution that can be expanded, morphed, and reshaped in any way by his thoughts.
  • Superhuman Strength

Strength level



Vehicles provided by Mister Sinister.

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  • X-Factor #75, 104-105
  • X-Men Adventures v.2 #2, 12-13

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