George Baker or D.O.A. as he is better known is mutated human created by his master Emplate. He works as his loyal butler and valet but other than that not much is known about him. D.O.A. appears to be a short gray man with a giant creepy smile across his face.

Emplate is still determined to find Penance so he forms a team of mutants that due to their status as Emplate's Hellions. D.O.A. joins the team and works for his master to hunt down the missing mutant girl. During the battle with Generation X the team is defeated, Emplate and D.O.A. escape with a lepton imploder pulled out of his jacket, a device that can tear a hole in the dimension fabric of space-time.

D.O.A. is still the only loyal servant of Emplate. D.O.A. with his master captures the mutant Bling!. The young mutant tries to escape by using her powers to release diamond shards, one of them hits D.O.A. in the head, but due to his mysterious powers he survives and escapes, whilst his master is taken away to Utopia.


  • Energy Vampire: D.O.A. is a slave of Emplate as after he drains only part of a victims energy, Emplate achieves a measure of psychic control over his victim’s mind. Through unknown means, D.O.A. is an energy vampire like his master, but is subordinate to Emplate’s own will.
  • Superhuman durability: D.O.A. possesses rockhard skin that it makes him highly resilient to injury.

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