Quote1 I know you think I'm a monster, Alex, but someday you'll understand that everything I did was done out of love. And when that day comes... I hope you remember to put your mother and me in a decent nursing home. Quote2
-- Geoffrey Wilder src

Geoffrey Wilder and his wife Catherine Wilder are crime lords that live and operate in Los Angeles. The couple started out as common thieves, their career started back in 1984. Geoffrey and Catherine had eloped, defying Catherine's mother's wishes. After one of their many successful heists, but still on the run from the police, the two criminals were abducted by the Gibborim. These extra-dimensional needed the two humans to help bring their plan to fruition

The Wilders along with five other couples, from LA formed the secret group called the Pride. The group was brought together by the Gibborim to bring about the new world order.

The couples each had their own unique powers and abilities, which were augmented by the Gibborim in different ways, this meant that Geoffrey and Catherine's shrewdness was increased, this allowed them to become the Kingpins of the West Coast.

The Wilders controlled most of the illegal drug trade, gambling and robbery in LA, as well as controlling the moles and contacts in various police forces and government agencies.

The Gibborim offer to the Pride was that that 6 of the 12 members would be saved after the world ended. The plan changed after a few years, as the couples started having children, they decided to have one each and let them have their place in the planned future Utopia.

After a decade and a half their now teenage son Alex Wilder, has grown suspicious of his parents criminal activities. Geoffrey always wanted the best for his son, but was very strict and overbearing. He looked down on his son’s obsession with internet games and computer skills. But he was aware of that his son was a borderline genius and tried to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Because of the way he was treated this only made Alex more determined to learn more about what they are hiding which led to the creation of the Runaways after the children discovery of the Pride.

With their children on the run the Pride used their connection with the LAPD to find their children.

They framed the children for murder, by accusing them of killing the girl the Pride had sacrificed. They also accused the children of kidnapping, because they took the young Molly Hayes with them.

Geoffrey and the Pride finally find the missing children and meet them in an undersea structure.

The Runaways were successful in stopping the next sacrifice to the Gibborim, but it turned out that Alex was still loyal to his parents, but died in the ensuing battle. This devastated Geoffrey, but was Gibborim started killing the Pride members and the Runaways made their escape.


Mystically increased Intelligence and skills.


Geoffrey Wilder is a criminal genius and a highly skilled planner and organizer. He employs numerous henchmen, scientists, almost all of whom are fiercely loyal to him due to dedication, fear, or both.


Vast Criminal Empire


Fleet of Sports cars

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