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Genis-Vell (Earth-58163)
Information-silkReal Name Genis-Vell
Information-silkCurrent AliasPrivate Genis-Vell
Information-silkAffiliationKree Army
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkCitizenshipKree Empire
Information-silkOccupationPrivate in the Kree Army
Information-silkCreatorsBrian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel
First Appearance

There is to be a great event held that night to commemorate the mutant triumph over humanity, an event for which the House of M will act as host. Magneto and Latverian Dignitary Victor von Doom smile and pose for the cameras, but it's clear that there is no love lost between the two. The party begins in the royal Magnus palace as the guests are introduced: King T'Challa (also known as the Black Panther) of the African Commonwealth of Wakanda, King of Latveria Victor von Doom, Genis-Vell (a visiting delegate from the Kree Empire), Princess Ororo (also known as Storm) of Kenya and King Namor of the Kingdom of Atlantis.[1]

In the reality warp of Earth-58163, Genis is a private in the Kree Army, trying to live up to the legacy his father left behind. While helping Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) thwart a prison break, he briefly interacts with Flashback, resulting in his realization that reality has been altered. He is torn between what is and what should be, and is ultimately put into a stasis-like state by Major Erik Josten.[2]

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