General Yokima was a member of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. By the fall of 1944 he was in charge of moving troops off the Manchukio-Russian frontier as part of a large strike force that was going to invade the United States. When Allied Forces began learning of his plans, Yokima ordered his men to dig a tunnel underground between Tokyo and the west coast of the United States. With the tunnel completed, he intended to ship his men travel through the tunnel in rapid speed blimps, making a stop at Marcus Island where weapons and explosives were waiting to be loaded onto the blimps before they continued on their invasion route.

The plans were learned by American authorities and soon General Douglas MacArthur was visited by Captain America and Bucky who promised to learn the full scope of the invasion and stop it if possible. When the two heroes were smuggled into Tokyo, they were captured by Yokima's men and taken prisoner. When interrogations revealed that the two heroes knew nothing of the true scope of their plans, Yokima ordered them executed while he went to lead the invasion.

Captain America and Bucky managed to free themselves and learned of the tunnel. However, they arrived too late to stop the flee from starting its course. Stealing a plane, the pair flew to Marcus Island where they beat back Japanese forces and used the explosives to blow up the tunnel. Yokima and his men were killed in the explosion and flooding of the tunnel.


Yokima commanded a fleet of blimps.

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