Genecide was a superhuman with the ability to perceive the genetic codes of people around her. This unwanted gift allowed her to see genetic anomalies and birth defects being passed down from parent to child, and brought on a strong interest in eugenics.

Genecide gathered a strike team known as Eugenix as her agents, and began a crusade to ensure the progression of the human race by weeding out the genetically unfit. Eugenix attacked clinics to murder or sterilize people carrying predispositions towards genetically undesirable traits.

On one raid, Eugenix was opposed by Firestar and the New Warriors, aided by Psionex.[1]


She can "see" the genetic make-up of every person and interpret what every single nuance means. She can also mentally manipulate her own genetic structure, enabling her to morph into a completely different human form or heal in only a few seconds, just by concentrating. The full scope of her powers are unknown. She can also generate energy from her hands, in the form of projected attacks or to take 'samples' from especially interesting specimens.


She carries 'smoke stun' bombs and energy nets.

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